Some of the stuff which passes through my life

Interesting afternoon with trains and snow…

It should have been straightforward.

  1. Drop husband at station to catch train to Dundee and then onto Aberdeen
  2. Head home via Tesco
  3. In Tesco get a text message to say train is a bit late
  4. Immediately followed by phone call to say train cancelled.
  5. Return empty trolley to trolley park
  6. Drive back to station
  7. Arrive at station to find that Scotrail have been clever and they are going to get the Edinburgh – Aberdeen train, which doesn’t normally stop at Inverkeithing, to make an unscheduled stop! Smart thinking!
  8. Watch Edinburgh- Aberdeen train swoosh straight through station
  9. Listen to station staff explain that although the decision to stop the train had been made the people who really needed to know… didn’t. Apologies.
  10. Check East Coast train times – hrrmmm – that’s at Morpeth running an hour late already
  11. Next train to Dundee – says it is on time. All the others are running late so what’s the chance of that one being on time? Probably about to be cancelled.
  12. Decide to give the whole thing a miss for today.
  13. Get back in car
  14. Return to Tesco
  15. Come home.

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