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Ah sunshine, this is where you spend your summers!

Well, here we are, in the sun. That’s a novelty coming from Scotland!
First impressions we had on the way in from the airport were of Greece. But as Croatia is just up the coast (OK, Montenegro in between) I suppose that geographically it would look similar. Building styles a bit reminiscent of Italy (just across the water to Naples) and strong Italian influence in the food. Hotel is about 25 minutes drive from airport but under flight path. Not been an issue as there haven’t been that many planes using that approach so far. We’re right on the sea so lovely outlooks.
It’s about a 25 minute walk down into old Dubrovnik from the hotel. Emphasis on the word down. It’s a short bus ride back up the hill. We have no idea how long it takes to walk! We had a wander around the old town on Sunday evening, getting our bearings and looking for food. It looks very pretty and has been wonderfully restored but feels a bit like Disney in that it is almost too perfect. Plus it is full of shops which cater solely for the tourist. And a load of eateries which advertise ‘tourist’ menus. Nooooo! After a bit of hunting we found the Cafe Royal in Gundulic’s Square. Worth the hunt as the food was excellent. We’ll br going back there. Monday was spent doing, oh pretty much nothing. Stroll up the hill to nearby cafe which serves lovely fresh food at reasonable prices (that’s lunch sorted for the week).
In the evening we wandered back down towards the town and had dinner in a restaurant called Sesame. It was on the recommended list in a recent Telegraph article and is well worth visiting. One of the best meals we’ve had in a long time. Table booked for Saturday night!
Off out for lunch shortly, then post this and then time for a siesta I think!
PS we’ve decided not to take up the hotel’s suggestion to try out their hotel in Tripoli!

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