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It would drive you up the wall…

We thought it was about time we got off our sun beds and took a bit of exercise so this morning we set off for a stroll around the city walls. Hmmm, there should have been a health warning on that!

There are two main entrances, one near the Pile Gate which has enough steps to get you to heaven and one down the other end of the city. Not being quite ready for elevation to the heavenly throng we aimed for the far side of the city. All seemed fine until we passed an English gentleman muttering something about only 383 steps to go. I think that was a mistake, it felt nearer 3833. Our route took us around the back of the city and and the most fantastic views of old Dubrovnik. It is definitely not a trip for the faint hearted, lots of steps to climb, places where the wall keeping you from falling off seems a teensy bit on the low side and then all the steps to get back down. Fortunately a small cafe materialised somewhere near the top – cold drinks and aircon, bliss!

By the time we reached the staircase to heaven we decided that we’d probably seen enough and headed down to shade and cold beer. By this time coach-loads of people were pouring into the city and heading up the wall, the temperature was rising and it was starting to feel less like an interesting visit and more like one of Dante’s circles of hell!

Once we’d cooled down we agreed that we were glad we’d done it. 10 degrees cooler and it would be fabulous. 30 degrees and rising it wasn’t such fun!

Tomorrow we’re off to visit ancient Montenegro – after today we’ll probably fit in quite well 😉

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