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Battenburg Cake

Today’s project was Battenburg from a recipe by Lorraine Pascale. As with all things it wasn’t as easy as it looked!

I thought I had two loaf tins but couldn’t find the second one so the mixture went into a square tin with the hope that it wouldn’t merge too much at the margin. I used red food colouring however I think I should really have used pink. Might have been better if I’d put a bit more in, as it was it ended up looking orange. At least you can see the difference with the uncounted cake.

I left the cake in the oven for an extra couple of minutes as I wasn’t convinced that it was cooked. Probably shouldn’t have done as I think it is a teeny bit dry.

Cutting it up and sticking it together was OK however I thought there might be tears with the marzipan as I hadn’t put enough icing sugar on the silicone pastry mat and it looked as though everything might come unstuck! A bit of persuasion, trimming the edges and it has actually come out looking like Battenburg cake! Result!

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