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Lost in Translation

The unexpected joys of the English version

I shouldn’t laugh, if I were asked to translate anything from English to any other language I’d screw it up. But I really can’t help being amused by other people’s translations. Sometimes it’s just the interesting way they phrase it and other times it just stops you in your tracks.

I’ll be adding to this post I suspect!

Banana and toffee sticky cake

Banana and toffee sticky cake

This is a nice, easy recipe which came out of the supplement to the March Waitrose Kitchen magazine – Spring Harvest. I prepped everything before I started as I didn’t think that stopping half way through to grate the squash was going to work! I e…Continue Reading

Felting Fun!

Had a fabulous day with Morag Lloyds (arranged by the lovely Denise James) on Saturday, 28 Jan. Morag guided Denise, Debbie, Alison and I through various methods of felting and we all went homewith several masterpieces, as well as very clean hands 🙂Continue Reading