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The Decorating Project

This week we are getting decorated. Well, the flat is. Willie is currently doing the living room but then we needed to see what the colour would look like in the hall so we’ve had a slight detour. Looking good so far 🙂Continue Reading

Silk (via @markpower) go on – get creative!

About Silk was created by Yuri Vishnevsky as an experiment in generative art. If you have any comments or suggestions, you can email me. I’m a college student currently working on my degree in Computer Science and Linguistics. For fun, I dabble in…Continue Reading

I assume the American’s are having a laugh?

Absolutely priceless! RT @JulianAssange_ Has some comedian has been commissioned to write state dept releases? Censorville USA cannot be behind this irony Reading

Language issues with LinkedIn Direct ads…

Decided to have another go with LinkedIn ads. Set up a new campaign and created half a dozen versions. The main headline was ‘New Year Revolution?’ and then I decided to get smart and do something a bit more exotic and go for ‘Vive la revolution!’…Continue Reading

Interesting afternoon with trains and snow…

It should have been straightforward. Drop husband at station to catch train to Dundee and then onto Aberdeen Head home via Tesco In Tesco get a text message to say train is a bit late Immediately followed by phone call to say train cancelled. Retu…Continue Reading

Early birthday greetings from All Bar One ;) Just had an email wishing me a happy birthday and…

via sending me an offer. Very nice except that my birthday isn’t until the spring. On checking the details they held it seems that the DOB went to the default as I’d not entered anything. On the first of January I’ll be 111. I’ll b…Continue Reading

Distinct whiff of hypocrisy – Gulf of Mexico oil leak: US sues BP for spill damages

via Sanctimonious presentation about the dread deeds of the oil companies. Somewhat hypocritical coming from the country with some of the highest demand for oil (gasoline) and production of pollution worldwide.Continue Reading

Prize for unintelligible blog comment of the day…

Eventually, I set up the understanding I was searching out for. We’ve got been carrying out due diligence on this subject, and for 4 days I protect acquiring web-sites which are intended to have what I am hunting for, only to become disappointed m…Continue Reading

BBC News – Wikileaks founder Assange bailed, but release delayed

The lawyer said the only correspondence his client had received was a note telling him that a copy of Time magazine sent to him had been destroyed because the cover bore his photograph. via Well, I guess a copy of Time magazine would be …Continue Reading

I’m not sure I actually understand this…

…and on the subject of dodgy blog comments 😉Continue Reading