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Yuyuan Gardens

A little oasis among the chaos

03 Nov Yuyuan Gardens (39)Near the old town of Shanghai and approached via the Yuyuan Bazaar, the Yuyuan Gardens are definitely worth a visit. It’s physical footprint isn’t actually that big but you seem to wander for ages through archways, along walkways and still never reach the end.

It dates back to the Ming Dynasty and has seen plenty of interesting history. There are lots of lovely little halls with different purposes and each has the feel of a small Buddhist temple. In the pools there are countless huge koi carp together with a few terrapins.

03 Nov Yuyuan Gardens (13)There were a couple of exhibitions on when I visited and there is also a shop (called an exhibition but everything seems to be for sale). Some stuff is pretty expensive but looks good quality but my problem is I don’t know the market prices so it’s difficult to guage whether their prices are good or high. I would expect them to be on the high side bearing in mind their position.

One funny thing when I was in there was to find that I was being serenaded with Old Lang Syne – quite bizarre!


Lost in Translation

The unexpected joys of the English version I shouldn’t laugh, if I were asked to translate anything from English to any other language I’d screw it up. But I really can’t help being amused by other people’s translations. Sometimes it’s just the interesting way they phrase it and other times it just stops you inContinue Reading

Traffic – just keep walking, they’ll get out of your way

The subtle intricacies of Shanghai traffic My first exposure to Shanghai traffic was emerging blinking from the Metro at Tongji University. Faced with a very wide road and a lot of hooting vehicles was nearly enough to make me stay put at the side of the road. Anyway, the pedestrian lights turned green and JulianContinue Reading

Shanghai – The Journey

Or how to get from Dunfermline to Shanghai on two planes 1st November, nice and early, saw me take a straightforward taxi trip to Edinburgh Airport. A swift bagdrop with Virgin (why was I not offered a free upgrade to Upper Class? Hmmmph) followed by what must have been the speediest trip I’ve ever hadContinue Reading