Some of the stuff which passes through my life

Ah sunshine, this is where you spend your summers!

Well, here we are, in the sun. That’s a novelty coming from Scotland!First impressions we had on the way in from the airport were of Greece. But as Croatia is just up the coast (OK, Montenegro in between) I suppose that geographically it would loo…Continue Reading

Off travelling again soon!

Nearly time to pack the cases for our next trip – this time to Dubrovnik in Croatia. Neither of us have been there before so lots of exploring to look forward to. I’ll be adding pics and stuff here as we go through the week (hotel free wifi permit…Continue Reading

Forth Road Bridge Open Day – 18 June 2011 – Part 2

Then back up onto the bridge to have a look at the north east pylon. Watching the joints sliding beneath your feet is a bit weird! As an added bonus HMS Illustrious was heading out for sea trials after her refit – what great timing! Back over on t…Continue Reading

Forth Road Bridge Open Day – 18 June 2011 – Part 1

It was wet. Very wet. Happily for the Forth Road Bridge crew there was a good turnout for their Open Day. We investigated the exhibition first of all – some fascinating stuff. The thing with bridges is that generally you just drive over them, mayb…Continue Reading

Part 3 of the Decorating Project

Making good progress now. The red in the bathroom is actually raspberry coloured not orange – probably the halogens doing that. I wouldn’t have that colour. Honest! Wallpaper going up in the sitting room is looking good! There will be a load of fi…Continue Reading

Decorating Project Part 2

Having tried the colour on the hall we had to see what it looks like in the kitchen – fabby!Continue Reading

The Decorating Project

This week we are getting decorated. Well, the flat is. Willie is currently doing the living room but then we needed to see what the colour would look like in the hall so we’ve had a slight detour. Looking good so far 🙂Continue Reading

Silk (via @markpower) go on – get creative!

About Silk was created by Yuri Vishnevsky as an experiment in generative art. If you have any comments or suggestions, you can email me. I’m a college student currently working on my degree in Computer Science and Linguistics. For fun, I dabble in…Continue Reading

I assume the American’s are having a laugh?

Absolutely priceless! RT @JulianAssange_ Has some comedian has been commissioned to write state dept releases? Censorville USA cannot be behind this irony Reading

Language issues with LinkedIn Direct ads…

Decided to have another go with LinkedIn ads. Set up a new campaign and created half a dozen versions. The main headline was ‘New Year Revolution?’ and then I decided to get smart and do something a bit more exotic and go for ‘Vive la revolution!’…Continue Reading