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Forth Road Bridge Open Day – 18 June 2011 – Part 1

It was wet. Very wet. Happily for the Forth Road Bridge crew there was a good turnout for their Open Day. We investigated the exhibition first of all – some fascinating stuff. The thing with bridges is that generally you just drive over them, maybe think about the building of them but don’t always contemplate how they stay up. Maybe that’s a good thing otherwise you might not drive over them!

Rest in post part 2!


    Part 3 of the Decorating Project

    Making good progress now. The red in the bathroom is actually raspberry coloured not orange – probably the halogens doing that. I wouldn’t have that colour. Honest! Wallpaper going up in the sitting room is looking good! There will be a load of fi…Continue Reading

    Decorating Project Part 2

    Having tried the colour on the hall we had to see what it looks like in the kitchen – fabby!Continue Reading

    The Decorating Project

    This week we are getting decorated. Well, the flat is. Willie is currently doing the living room but then we needed to see what the colour would look like in the hall so we’ve had a slight detour. Looking good so far 🙂Continue Reading

    Interesting afternoon with trains and snow…

    It should have been straightforward. Drop husband at station to catch train to Dundee and then onto Aberdeen Head home via Tesco In Tesco get a text message to say train is a bit late Immediately followed by phone call to say train cancelled. Retu…Continue Reading

    December 2010 – snow pictures

    via Had a bit of a skive this morning and went out take some snow pictures. The world doesn’t have enough photos of #uksnow 😉Continue Reading

    Gritting maps for Fife from fifedirect

    via Useful to see where is and isn’t getting gritted at the moment.Continue Reading

    snow, Dunfermline, Scotland, 2010

    Didn’t think there were quite enough snow pictures around 😉Continue Reading